Dear You.

Dear You. I love You. You are beautiful beyond your own comprehension. But we need to talk. If you are going to survive, we should talk, for your sake. Listen: Remember the feelings of darkness. Honor them. Self seeded and awareness watered; sun meeting is inevitable. Calm. Patience. Inventory. Familiarity with the parameters of your […]


Spectator spectates spectacle: spectacle spectated. Spectator spectating spectacle respects spectacle. Spectator respectates: re-specting spectacle. Spectating: a spectacle. Respecting: a spectacle: self, spectacle. Re-Spect(ing) self as spectacle: self-spectate(d). (Spectacle/Spectator) spectates self spectating. Self-Spectacle self-spectates. Self-re-spect sees self spectacular. Spectacular spectacle spectator. Spect(ator/acle) (re/in)spect spect(acle/ator). (Circum/)Spect(/ator) inspects (intro/re)spect. Spectacle inspected.  Introspection inspection. Inspect spectacle re-spect. In.Spect: self-respect. Spectacle respects […]

weight.lessness: 321564

regression connection. intake inverted. focused inundation. overwhelmed overload; transmuted. focused absorption; osmosis. understanding understanding. understood understanding. (standing/staining.) (un)certainty of solemnity. complete in (discovery/delivery.) complete (in transit.) gift(ed) space; absent need for rudimentary verbal. presented presenting the present of presence. a presented present. presence, the present of being present. be. (present/present(ing/ed))*. presence (fills/filled) absence. full volumed […]

looking beyond.

Excerpt from March 11, 2018 guest blog post on TEDxLincolnSquare. ‘Looking Beyond,’ has a pretty short shelf life, depreciating in its illusive ‘value’ almost immediately. Looking beyond _____? Name it, and we know. Name it, and there is less of it. Less beyond. Less unfamiliar. Concepts become comprehensible. Attainable. Concepts come into now. Capable. The […]


Startled by needs meet. Thronelessly crowned. Prematurely prevalent. Subjects, absent subjugation. Cult(ure) contributor. Happenstance stance, happened upon. Drink and sink; swim, sink. Unfounded founding. Anchored in quicksand. * Mind-numbing mindlfullness, mining the mind. Treasured trash. Diamond finds. Response-ability in actuality. Retreat; comfort of distance. Disease as ease: crypt(ic/o) clarity. ** In position post dream, mind […]


Reactive. Responsive. Received impetus relative to rational. (Impotent.) Reliving. Reviewing. Reacting: capacity of comprehension (withheld.) Capacious(./?) Machine Mind processes set standard. Basis: self-groomed comprehension. // Pressured decisions recess in (context of REAL/REAL context.) SELF recesses in context of context; limitation consideration limits capacity: (power of perspective/prospective power.) Flight. Startled by needs meet. Thronelessly crowned. Prematurely […]

The seductive collective.

Lured between the well-thread(ed) sheets of comfort (and/in) quantity. Baring “all” with “all” baring “all.” All(usion) of connection and strength. Numbers. Reinforcement, but not (addition/reclaiming) of Power. The caress: familiar. Cheeks: stroked. Buffering the seismic, seeking exterior understanding. Carefully careless. Needlessly needy. The need to need to feel needed. Slip into the below space. Head […]